MoonGlo Sunless Tanner
MoonGlo Sunless Tanner
MoonGlo Sunless Tanner

MoonGlo Sunless Tanner

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Simple Steps for an Easy Application

Getting Started:

Shower, shave where needed, exfoliate and dry skin completely.

DO NOT use topical lotions or oils before applying, as well as stay away from heavy lotion based soaps or bath butters, bombs or oils, etc. before application.

Apply 1-2 pumps to your mitt focusing on one body area at a time using an upwards circular motion: lower legs, thighs, stomach, arms, chest, neck & back.

Use sparingly on your feet, ankles, knees, elbows, hands & face.

Here's how I apply: Start with your 1-2 pumps on your lower legs, use remainder on feet and ankles. 1-2 pumps for your upper thigh & remainder on knees. Repeat on other leg. 1-2 pumps for your stomach, use remainder on hips. 1-2 pumps for your arm, use remainder to elbows and hands. Repeat on other arm. Follow up wth 1-2 pumps for chest and use remainder on neck & face. 1-2 pumps for each side of the back.

Whoop whoop!

Your application will dry within 3-5 minutes with a non-tacky feel!



Customize Your Tan:

Leave on for 2-4 hours for a light tan.

Leave on for 4-6 hours for a medium tan.

Leave on for 6-8+ hours for a dark tan.

One coat should last up 8 days or longer with daily use of moisturizer.

Want to go even darker?

After your first application, simply rinse off gently without soap in lukewarm water & apply again!




The key to any good tan is exfoliation!

All self tanners will eventually fade over time, reapply as needed and build your tone! Remember! It's just a phase!

Gently wash your skin between applications.

Use your favorite lotion daily to keep your skin hydrated and extend a longer lasting glow.